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Artists on Location 2020

April 25, 2020 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Artists on Location 2020
April 20-25

Awards Reception and Sale

Saturday, April 25

Artists on Location a Plein Air Painting Event returns the third week of April 2020.  Art collectors and new buyers show strong support for this popular event.  Artists have an opportunity to paint outdoors over several days at sites in and around scenic Knoxville, Tennessee.  Well known landmarks will be perfect for interactions with the public from Zoo Knoxville to downtown Market Square.

Artists for this event will be invited to mingle with sponsors and guests for a cocktail supper and art demonstration.   On Saturday evening April 25, artists will show and sell their work at the Knoxville Museum of Art during the Art Sale & Reception 5 to 9 pm.

Free housing maybe available upon request.  For more information, please contact knoxvillepleinair@gmail.com

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Registration is open to professional artists age 21 and older.  All applicants will be juried into the event, by an independent juror, based upon submitted images and artist statement.

To apply for Artists on Location a Plein Air Painting Event you must be able to register and pay application fee online through Juried Art Services.

At least five local artists (within a 100-mile radius of the event) will be selected to participate. The total number of participants selected for this event is 26.   Winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place from prior year and one honorary position are invited into the event.

Requirements for Artists on Location a Plein Air Painting Event

  • April 20, 2020, 10 am Mandatory Check-In Orientation and Canvas Stamping
  • Artists must sign up to paint at one pre-determined mandatory location
  • Artists will provide their own materials and transportation
  • Artists will provide title of painting, medium, location & price for each piece
  • Artists will hang own art in an assigned 5 feet by 8 feet high space.
  • Artists will declare artwork was produced entirely en plein air by the artist, with no photographic or outside assistance
  • April 25, 2020, 9 to 11am Artists return to Bailey Hall with artwork information and installation of own art


At least $2000 dollars in prize money and gifts will be awarded to recipients for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  Awards and gifts will be given for Best Landscape and Best Urban scenes, and cash awards given for two Honorable Mention. In addition, a cash award will be given for Artist’s Choice.


Application and Payment Process  

APPLICATION FEE OF $50.00 DUE BY February 15, 2020.

Applications will be processed online through Juried Art Services (JAS) at www.juriedartservices.com.

After reviewing our prospectus and the JAS Tutorial, if you have any questions contact us at knoxvillepleinair@gmail.com and we will assist you with the process of applying to our event.

Artists must submit three (3) recent digital images of paintings made en plein air within the past year.  Submit high-quality images in JPEG format.

An Artist Statement must be included with each Juried Art Services entry. Your Artist Statement and artwork may be used in the promotion of the event through public relations.


Payment –

Through Juried Art Services online, complete the application form and follow the online payment instructions for paying your application fee with a credit card.

An email confirmation of your payment will be sent.  Your application fee payment will be posted to JAS within three days after you submit your application.  Application fees are not refundable.  All questions or concerns regarding the payment of your fees should be directed to knoxvillepleinair@gmail.com


Notification of Acceptance

Once the jury process is complete, all artists will receive an email from Juried Art Services directing the artist to log into their JAS account to check the status of their application. Please keep your email up to date with JAS to receive this information in a timely manner.

Artists will be notified of status into the event no later than the week of March 2, 2020.

Accepted artists will receive a separate notification with key information and registration into the event the week of March 6, 2020.

Wait List Policy A wait list will be selected from the jury’s scores and wait listed artists are invited into the event IF cancellations occur. Waitlist artists can be accepted up to and on the day of the show and will be notified when an opening becomes available.

Cancellation Policy Cancellations must be made in written form and submitted by mail, fax, or email. Emails should be sent to knoxvillepleinair@gmail.com

No Show Policy Artists who have NOT given before April 20, 2020 to the committee, and not checked in for Orientation, will be considered a NO SHOW and the assigned space will be forfeited to another artist.


 Exhibit Space

Exhibit Spaces are 5 feet wide by 8 feet high of free-standing drywall board.

All artwork must fit within assigned space and may not overhang outside of the assigned wall space.

Artists will be responsible for installing their own artwork.  Artists should bring hardware for hanging art, no drills please.   All artwork must have appropriate wire (no saw tooth hangers) for hanging on wall and ready for sale. No lighting from home, please.

Artwork must be two dimensional and may not exceed 50 inches in any direction, including frame. The minimum size canvas (without framing) should be no smaller than 6 inches by 8 inches.

Framed and unframed art works are permitted.  However, unframed art must have at least 1 ½ inch thick gallery wrapped edged canvas and appropriately finished over the edges.


Competition and Sales

All works must be original and painted during Artists on Location a Plein Air Painting Event.   Artwork is limited to 2-dimensional works only.

Artists must submit at least two (2) finished pieces for prize judging.

All artwork will be judged after all artworks are installed.  Awards will be announced during the reception by featured judge.

One studio piece may be brought to sell but must fit within the assigned wall space.  Studio pieces may be of any style and meet framing and size requirements.  They are exempt from awards but must be registered for sales information.

Artwork must all be displayed on the wall.  No artwork is permitted to sit on floor.

Artists will receive 60% commission of the sale price of all artworks and the Knoxville Museum of Art will retain a 40% commission.

This event is a fundraiser to benefit the Knoxville Museum of Art, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  All proceeds go to support the Guild’s mission to promote the Knoxville Museum of Art’s education and community art programs.


Calendar Checklist for 2019/2020

October 31, 2019

~Call for artists to apply for Artists on Location a Plein Air Painting Event

February 15, 2020

~Deadline for application and payment

March 2, 2020

~ Entrants are sent formal status of participation in Artists on Location a Plein Air Painting Event

March 6, 2020

~ Artists confirmed for Artists on Location a Plein Air Painting Event

~ Promotion of upcoming event artists, painting locations and dates


April 20, 2020 at 10 am

~ Orientation, Registration and Canvas Stamping and the Knoxville Museum of Art


April 20 through 25, 2020

~ Tuesday April 21 through Friday April 24
Artists painting en Plein Air on location throughout the Knoxville area


April 23, 2020 at 6 PM

~ Invitation for artist and guest to a Cocktail Supper and Art Demonstration 6 to 9 pm


April 25, 2020 at 9 AM

~ Registration/ stamp validation load in and installation 9 am to 11 pm at the Knoxville Museum of Art, Bailey Hall


April 25,2020 5 to 9 PM

~ Art Sale and Reception in Bailey Hall at the Knoxville Museum of Art 5 to 9 pm

~ Awards presentation by featured judge at 6:30 pm