City of Knoxville Tennessee Arts Commission


November 2012-ongoing

While the museum’s Higher Ground gallery celebrates our region’s art history, Currents, a new ongoing display, examines recent developments in international contemporary art. It features a selection of objects from the KMA’s growing collection by emerging and established artists currently working in East Tennessee and beyond. In this way, it represents a chronological extension and geographic expansion of Higher Ground that allows viewers to consider the achievements of area artists within a global context. As in Higher Ground, the display in Currents will be rotated periodically in order to showcase recent acquisitions.

Currents promises to serve as a vital educational resource through which area audiences can gain direct access to works reflecting a global art dialogue. It also enables viewers to examine the contributions of East Tennessee artists working today, and assess their achievements alongside those by artists from far and wide.

Complete listing of postcard image captions:

Top row, L to R:

Jered Sprecher (American, born 1976), A Type of Magic, 2008, oil paint, spray paint, and graphite on linen 60 x 60 inches, Museum purchase with funds provided by Ann and Steve Bailey, Connie and Ralph Gonzalez, Barbara Apking, Hei and Stanley Park, Stuart Worden, Jayne and Myron Ely, Cathy and Mark Hill, Allison and Reid Lederer, Kay Clayton, Penny Lynch and Kimbro Maguire, Dan McGehee, Lane Hays, Carole and Bob Martin, Pam and Jeff Peters, Ted Smith, Dorothy and Caesar Stair, Marie and Bob Alcorn, Jennifer Banner, Barbara and Bernie Bernstein, David Butler, Lynda Evans, Susan and Kent Farris, Arlene Goldstine, Donna Kerr, Sheena McCall, Melinda Meador and Milton McNally, Mary Helen and Fran Olmstead, Betsy and John Quinn, Mary M. Rinearson, Ebbie Sandberg, Andrea Cartwright and Alan Solomon, Sarah Stowers, Rosalind Tillman, Loida Velazquez, 2009.06.01

Sarah Hobbs (American, born 1976), Untitled (Ladies’ Man), 2004, from the series “Small Problems in Living” Chromogenic print, artist’s proof 1/2, 48 x 60 inches, Purchased with funds from the Knoxville Museum of Art’s Collectors Circle, 2007.03.06

Gordon Cheung (British, born 1975), Fallen, 2009, stock listings, acrylic gel, and spray on sail cloth 85 x 59 1/2 inches, Purchased with funds from the Knoxville Museum of Art’s Collectors Circle, 2010.05.01

Bottom row, L to R:

Zsolt Bodoni (Hungarian, born 1975), Hall with Horses, 2009, acrylic and oil on canvas, 80 x 114 inches, Museum purchase with funds provided by Cathy and Mark Hill, Livia and Marc Straus, David Butler, Susan and Kent Farris, Rosemary Gilliam, Kitsy and Lou Hartley, Penny Lynch and Kimbro Maguire, Carole and Robert Martin, Hei Park, Jenny Banner, Lane Hays, Margo Clark, Melinda Meador and Milton McNally, Laura and Shelton Davis, and the KMA Guild, 2010.08.01

Loretta Lux (German, born 1969), The Blue Dress, 2001, Ilfachrome print, edition of 20, 11 x 11 inches, Acquisition 2004, Gift of Barbara and Steve Apking, Carla Bewley, Cortney and Baker Bishop, Don Bosch, R. Gregory Brophy, Ellen Capito, Judy and David Fardon, Susan Farris, Robert Gilbertson, Lane Hays, June and Robert Heller, Mark Hill, Susan and Lee Hyde, Florence and Russ Johnston, Parker Lee, Emily Lovell, Mark Overholt, John Simmons, Dorothy and Caesar Stair, Deena and Robert Sukenik, Jennifer Talbot, Robin and Joe Ben Turner, and Thomas Wood, 2004.02.01

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