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Jane South: Shifting Structures

August 27-November 7, 2010

Watch Time-Lapse Installation Video

Shifting Structures is a site-specific project conceived by Brooklyn-based artist Jane South, who has become known internationally for her elaborate sculptural drawings. Using little more than a scalpel and colored inks, she transforms fragile folded paper into structures that appear industrially reinforced.

The exhibition consists of a single, monumental work made up of hundreds of individual drawing components that are re-configured according to the specifics of the KMA’s gallery. South is interested in responding to the unique architectural features of the space as a challenge to construct the work in unexpected ways. In two previous locations, the work assumed a shadowy, solid form, and in another location it appeared bright and open, and even allowed viewers to wander inside. Each is made up of a complex network of sculptural drawings resembling cages, boxed grids, latticed arches, and horizontal ladders—some suspended from tiny paper hooks. All her surfaces are defined in some way with colored marks, outlines and crosshatchings. During the latter stages of the installation, museum audiences will be able to watch South assemble her monumental drawing in the gallery.

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Jane South, Wall, 2009
(as installed at Museum of Arts and Design, New York), hand-cut paper, ink, acrylic, wood structure, 168” x 180” x 42”